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Assessment Readiness and Tools

Page history last edited by Don Lourcey 10 years, 9 months ago

Assessment.Innovative Roadmap.pdf

Assessment.Self Assessment Instrument.pdf

Assessment for Innovation Rubric.doc 


ISTE Classroom Observation Tool



Next Steps for March 29, 2010


  1. Revisit Mapping Q's (Where do we want to be? How will we know we got there? How will we reduplicate and share stories?)
  2. Read and examine the ISTE National Ed Tech Standards for Administrators.
  3. Complete force field analysis, slide 6 that asks you to determine evidence of how you are leading the standards, which standards are gaps, and what solutions can be in place to move the gaps to drivers. Post your notes below in either a table or list fashion--capture for documentation, planning, and decision making
  4. Read slides 7-10 that discuss the gap between Knowing and Doing.
  5. Examine the types of conversations that are happening at the school level, in PLCs, grade level meeting, SIT meeting, administrative meeting, faculty meeting, etc.
  6. Think about how to conduct activity on slide 10, a purposeful and meaningful conversation about 21st century skills, themes, and concepts.



Next Steps for March 2, 2010


  1. Wayne to complete survey after reading Innovative Road Map (above)--finish if not completed on Feb. 22, 2010
  2. Discuss 5 data questions as it relates to the paper survey for admin team
  3. Planning Mappng Questions (chart these, create table and upload discussion topics here--put wiki to use)--found in slide two in Google presentation above.



Comments (2)

kjames@... said

at 10:57 am on Feb 22, 2010

While we are a "tech" school...I feel that there have been many barriers outside of teachers' realms that have inhibited our progress...

Don Lourcey said

at 11:49 am on Feb 22, 2010

And that is the targeted focus of this process--to identify the barriers and gaps and to create solutions to eliminate those barriers, but to create a strategic range plan that identifies timely and results focused priorities so the leadership team can lead and learn with intentionality and purpose.

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