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2nd Grade Social Studies Instructional Guide

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Competency Goal 1:    
 1.03- I can


(Identify responsible courses of action in given situations and assess consequences of irresponsible behavior)

Competency Goal 2: The learner will evaluate relationships between people and their governments     

2.01- I can


(Identify and explain the functions of local governmental bodies and elected officials) 


2.02- I can


(Recognize and demonstrate examples of the elective process) 


2.03- I can


(Describe the interdependence among individuals, families, and the community)




2.04- I can


(Evaluate rules and laws and suggest appropriate consequences for noncompliance) 


2.05- I can


(Identify examples of responsible citizen participation in society and social environments)

Competency Goal 3: The learner will analyze how individuals, families, and communities are alike and different

3.01- I can


(Compare similarities and differences between oneself and others)


3.02- I can


(Describe similarities and differences among families in different communities)


3.03- I can


(Compare similarities and differences among cultures in various communities)


3.04- I can


(Identify multiple roles performed by individuals in their families and communities)


3.05- I can


(Identify historical figures and events associated with various cultural traditions and holidays celebrated around the world)


3.06- I can


(Identify individuals of diverse cultures and describe their contributions to society)

Competency Goal 4: The learner will exhibit an understanding of change in communities over time

4.01- I can


(Analyze the effects of change in communities and predict future changes)


4.02- I can


(Analyze environmental issue, past and present, and determine their impact on different cultures)


4.03- I can


(Describe human movement in the establishment of settlement patterns such as rural, urban, and suburban)

Competency Goal 5: The learner will understand the relationship between people and geography in various communities

5.01- I can


(Define geography and use geographic terms to describe landforms, bodies of water, weather, and climate)


5.02- I can


(Describe the role of a geographer and apply geographic tools such as: maps, globes, compasses, and photographs, in the understanding of locations and characteristics of places and regions)


5.03- I can


(Compare and contrast the physical features of communities and regions)


5.04- I can


(Identify the absolute and relative location of communities)


5.05- I can


(Interpret maps, charts, and pictures of communities)


5.06- I can


(Identify and describe the people, vegetation, and animal life specific to certain regions and describe their interdependence)

Competency Goal 6: The learner will analyze how people depend on the physical environment and use natural resources to meet basic needs

6.01- I can


(Identify natural resources and cite ways people conserve and replenish natural resources)


6.02- I can


(Cite ways people modify the physical environment to meet their needs and explain the consequences)


6.03- I can


(Identify means and methods of human movement as they relate to the physical environment)

Competency Goal 7: The learner will apply basic economic concepts and evaluate the use of economic resources within communities

7.01- I can


(Distinguish between producers and consumers and identify ways people are both producers and consumers)


7.02- I can


(Distinguish between goods produced and services provided in communities)


7.03- I can


(Describe different types of employment and ways people earn an income)


7.04- I can


(Identify the sources and use of revenue in the community)


7.05- I can


(Analyze the changing uses of a community's economic resources and predict future changes)

Competency Goal 8: The learner will recognize how technology is used at home, school, and the community

8.01- I can


(Identify uses of technology in communities)


8.02- I can


(Explain how technology has affected the world in which we live)


8.03- I can


(Interpret data on charts and graphs and make predictions)



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