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SMART Lessons and Tips

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What the Research Says

Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards

Ten No-Nos of Teaching with a Projector and Interactive White Board



Lessons, Strategies, and Tools




Elementary SMART Lessons covering all grade levels and all subject areas.


Elementary Interactive sites

Learning Today--Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Internet for the Classroom

K-8 Digital Classroom Resources

Subject Specific Power Points (awesome!!!!)

Notebook SMART lessons

Ways to Use SMART board Lessons in the classroom (may need to view this at home, for this site is blocked by the district--but will well worth the inconvenience)

SMART Exchange (lessons, activities, and resources)

Best Content in Interactive Whiteboards (a wealth of resources bookmarked in a Diigo group)

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons (includes all subjects including art and music at various developmental ages)

SMART Board Resources and Lessons (A Wikispaces resource so would need to examine away from school but DEFINITELY worth a look)

Interactive Vocabulary Review Games (review games for multiple subjects--math, science, language arts, etc.)


45 (Really--45--interactive Google Preso that changes as people modify) Interesting Ways to Use an Interactive Whiteboard





Interactive Lessons and Activities




Multiplication Tables--Interactive Exercises

Multiplication Games (site includes ads but the activities are excellent)

Times Table

Multiplication Games--The Ants Go Marching . . .

Practicing the Times Table

Multiplication Matho

Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy

Rainforest Mathematics

National Library of Virtual Manulatives

Place Numbers (Interactive activities using whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, and much more)




Mapping the World




12 Art Resources for the Whiteboard

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