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Digital Resources

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Video Creation Resources


Making Videos on the Web: A Guide for Teachers


Free Videos for Educational Use


Kideos (Ages 0-10)--great stuff

Movieclips (short clips categorized by theme, mood, character, action)

Top 10 Educational Videos (posted on Georgetown Elementary Blog)

25 Best Educational Video Sites (covers a range of topics)



Video Conferencing and Interviewing


Wetoku (Using a web cam, simultaneously interview a guest speak, and then embed into blog or Wiki)

Skype in Schools Resources

Skype Tutorials for Teachers


Digital Images



Drawing Tools



45 Websites for Students to Create Original Artwork Onliine


Document Cameras


160 Ways to Use a Document Camera

Why Use a Document Camera? 50 Ways to Use a Document Camera


Flip Cameras

7 Things You Should Know About Using Flip Cameras

How to Use a Flip Camera (screenshots)

43 Interesting Ways to Use Pocket Video Cameras

Many Ways to Use Flip Cameras in the Classroom



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