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Wallwisher Ideas

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Ideas for using Wallwisher


  • Use it as a reflective tool or students or staff
  • Use as an Exit Ticket
    •   Format #1:Write down 3 things the students learned,  2 things they could teach to someone else, and 1 thing they are still unsure about
    • Format #2: Teacher can ask a critical thinking question about the lesson
    • Format #3: Write down 1 positive comment about the day's activities today and any questions or comments about the learning for that day
  • Use it was a way for students to share questions while doing a picture walk
  • Use it to identify different elements of a story (characters, setting, plot, problem/solution)
  • Use it when collaborating with another classroom
  • Use it as a "parking lot" for questions during a training
  • Use it as a "to do" list for yourself
  • Use it when working with an expert in your classroom so they don't have to come in to the classroom (when it's not possible)
  • Use it for your blog to gather feedback (embedded)
  • Use it as a way to survey people to gather data
  • Use it with parents during conference or any time of year
  • Use it as a "back channel" during a presentation to get a feel for what your audience is thinking


Ideas from http://digitalequivalent.blogspot.com/2009/10/cool-web-tool-wall-wisher.html


Great presentation of practical classroom examples of Wallwisher. Be sure to watch the opening video; walks you through how to use this tool




Notice how one superintendent in Edgecombe County solicited responses from leadership team regarding classroom use:



I found this Wallwisher--similar to the approach I want you to do above; it gives some other great uses of Wallwisher in Education.

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