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Reading Tools and Activities

Page history last edited by Don Lourcey 9 years, 9 months ago


Reading Comprehension



Author's Purpose (Folktales: The Squirrel and Acorns)

Reading Games

Student Interactives (activities for all grades in organizing and summarizing, inquiry and analysis, writing poetry, learning about language, and much more)

Site Words (In Word, PDF, PPT, Audio)

Drawing Conclusions.ppt (for K-2)

Fairy Tales and Myths and Class Children's stories (online reading)

Read the Words (Free text to speech voices--allows teacher or student to type the words in a box and the program reads what is typed back)

Early Literacy and Technology (great web resources for fluency, vocabulary development, phonics and word recognition, and e-books)




Comparison and Contrast (Jen and Chuck)


1st Grade:


Beanie Baby Reading Decoding and Comprehension Strategies (http://www.realclassroomideas.com/194.html )


2nd Grade:


Comparision and Contrast (Grisly Bears and Black Bears)

Fact and Opinion (Jackie Robinson)

Cause and Effect (The Farmer, His Son, and Their Donkey)

Prediction (The Stonecutter)


3rd Grade


Cause and Effect (Bear's Race with Turtle, Water Pollution)

Facts and Details (Story Time)


4th Grade


Facts and Details

Story Elements (For the Sake of a Feather)




5th Grade


Author's Purpose (Roller Coasters)


Comments (1)

rmyers said

at 1:39 pm on Oct 15, 2010

I am getting ready to implement Beanie Baby Reading Strategies. I found the info on the web this summer and I made a bookmark to go with the decoding part. I don't have the actual beanie babies yet, but for now I'll use the posters. There are specific animals to go with decoding strategies and another set of animals for the comprehension strategies. You can get a copy of the decoding bookmark from my web page. You can look at the following website for posters to print out. I think this will really get the attention of the kids!



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